Excessive Sweating -

Hyprehidrosis Diagnosis

Many people complain about excessive sweating or a condition otherwise known as hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can be controlled and a lot of patients often go to the dermatologist to treat this condition.

It is important to find out what is the reason causing this condition to patients so they can receive the precise treatment. The diagnosis process of this condition includes physical examination, close examination of body parts where the condition is more prominent as well as medical testing if necessary.

A very effective way to diagnose if a patient is suffering from excessive sweating is to take the sweat test. This process requires the patient’s skin to be covered by a powder that changes color to purple when the patient’s skin gets sweaty.

Hyprehidrosis Treatment

This type of treatment for excessive sweating condition is decided on the type of hyperhidrosis and the body area it occurs. Many other health factors and the overall health condition of the patient is taken into consideration before treatment is initiated.

We perform two of the most effective methods to control and treat excessive sweating.

  • MiraDry Procedure
  • Precision Tx for Hyperhidrosis