There are different causes of hair loss. Accurate diagnosis depends on thorough examination, sometimes blood work, or even scalp biopsy.

Treatment options and efficacy depend on the type of hair loss and should be tailored to patient’s diagnosis, age, and medical conditions.

Most common types of hair loss without scarring are:
- Alopecia Areata
-Male/Female pattern baldness/Androgenetic Alopecia
- Telogen effluviem
- Tinea Capitis

Some conditions could cause scarring in the scalp :
- Lupus
- Traction
- Lichen Planopilaris
- Frontal fibrosing Alopecia (may be present in eyebrows)

Early effective treatment is the key to the management of these disorders, with the goal of reducing symptoms and slowing disease progression.
Some patients may require systemic therapy, intralesional injections and/or topical treatments.